Tips For Effective Resume Writing

Tuesday, 29. December 2009

How to Write a Resume that Stands Out from The Crowd.

The following tips will get the attention of employers.

  • Include a profile.
  • Begin your resume with a profile, which contains a synopsis of your varied skills and educational qualifications that match the particular job. State your career objective clearly.
  • Keep the resume short
    No one has the time to go through elaborate detailing about your past jobs and experiences. Make a gist of the most important jobs you have held.
  • Clearly identify your skills.
    Do not be modest in mentioning your skills. Distinguish yourself from the other job seekers.
  • List your educational and professional qualifications.
    Include all relevant education or training that might relate/match your current job search.
  • Focus on your job responsibilities.
    Starting from present position or most recent job, mention the title of every job you have held. Under each position, specify your job responsibilities.
  • Be honest with your resume.
    If you did not actually do what you said you did, it would be called a lie. Once you are caught with a lie, you will be fired then and there. So, DON’T lie.
  • Always attach a covering letter.
    A cover letter is a letter of introduction that highlights your key achievements and skills which entitles you for a job opening.
  • Proofread your resume.
    On completion of resume, check it repeatedly for errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

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