How to ace a job interview by impressing the interviewers?

Tuesday, 27. October 2009

Have you been attending lot of interviews and still getting rejected? Are you not qualified enough to be a part of your dream company? Of course you are… then what could be the reason(s) of this failure.

Let’s analyze: according to a survey, It was found that the basic reasons for candidates being eliminated from the interview process were as follows:

  • Improper dressing for an Interview
  • Being unpunctual is the major reason
  • Being cynical about colleagues
  • Poor handshake shows lack of confidence
  • Ambiguity in thoughts and goals
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Mumbling was another reason to discard the candidate

How can you be effective and make an impact at any interview?

Well, the answer is simple – thorough preparation!

  • Get a format of the interview first
  • Understand the job profile clearly
  • Analyze your forte and weakness, work on your weakness and polish your skills
  • Gather as much information as possible about the company before going for an interview
  • Be Punctual
  • Listening skills matter a lot. Listen carefully before you speak
  • Think and then answer, do not bluff
  • Do not panic; take deep breath before facing the interviewer
  • Body language matters a lot
  • Handshake should be firm and relaxed.
  • Smile creates wonders. Wear a smile and have a good eye contact
  • Posture should be upright and comfortable
  • Speak moderately, clearly and concisely

Just be positive and the world will be yours

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