Basic skills required for a good career

Tuesday, 27. October 2009

All of us are in the technological era and it becomes important for us to be in par with the change. The skill set that an individual has can be categorized in to transferable skills and job-related skills. The transferable skills are general skills that are useful in any job and they include basic skill like: Reading and writing skills. Remember; communication is a powerful tool- It can make you or break you. So, get started and locate information in books or online. Diversify your vocabulary.

Basic mathematics and critical thinking abilities are essential for an entrance into the workforce. Basic computer and keyboard knowledge will help you a lot in getting along with any career. Working efficiently in a team is essential to being an effective employee. This is important because it demonstrates your listening skills as well as your organizing skills.

Next is the positive and enthusiastic approach to any given task. The employers’ value these skills along with other factors like adaptability and the motivation levels.

The interesting part is that some of these skills are not formally taught in any school. So, it is important to analyze your skills and implement them well in career planning.

If you have any weakness in any of the above mentioned skills, consider improvements. As it is said- A competitive world has offers only two possibilities – You can Lose and accept the defeat or If you want you can Win and bring about the change.

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  1. Umashankar Says:

    Hi Sir/madam,

    My name is Umashankar. This is very interesting to know about telecommunications and you done a good job on providing information. I have completed my B.Tech on electronics and communications. right now i’m planning to do masters in telecommunications. That to in London But, some are telling me that after B.Tech MBA is good. so, By all these i got some confusion which do i need to do. is that good idea doing PG in abroad?. can u please help me on this issue.

    Thanking you sir,

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