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Tuesday, 29. December 2009


In a good enterprise, human assets are more valued than capital assets. The growth of the individual employee is planned to take place along with the growth of the company in the market place. It is the policy of such a company to develop and train managers to enable them to cope with new demands, new problems and new challenges. Indeed, the top-management has the responsibility to provide training and development opportunities to their employees so that they can reach their full potential.

Career Development Plans:

Many companies have substantial training budgets and large training staffs to design effective career development programs. In an effective training program, managers determine enterprise objectives and integrate them with development/growth needs of employees.

Objective of Career Development Plans:

Career development plans are used to help employees improve career outlook, move up in the company and increase marketable skills. Not all employees may be eligible for career development plans but those who are put through them, often excel in their profession.

Responsibility for Development:

Employers and employees are responsible for employee job skills development. However, when it comes to career development, it is more of the employee’s responsibility. As an employee, one should be aware of available career paths, both internal and external to your current place of employment. Companies often have human resources and learning and development or training websites/bulletins giving specific details. Yet it is your role as an employee to make sure that you move into the jobs and at the levels you most want.

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