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Tuesday, 29. December 2009


You are presently working in a decent job of your own choice, yet you may be yearning for a career change. Your job does not give you ‘satisfaction’. Your superiors may not be appreciative of your work resulting in stagnation-it is time for a Career Change.

Seven Golden Rules for Successful Career Change:

1. Evaluate your current job satisfaction. Write a journal on your job situation. Which aspects of your current job do you dislike? Are you dissatisfied due to the content of your work, your company’s ethos or the conduct of your colleagues?

2. Assess your interests, values and skills through Introspection. Review successful roles in the past, projects and jobs to identify activities and skills of your liking. See whether your core values and skills are utilized in current career.

3. Brainstorm ideas for career alternatives. Discuss your core values/skills with friends, colleagues and counselors.

4. Conduct comparative evaluation. Try to identify several other fields for in-depth research. Read as much as you can about those fields and seek authentic information.

5. Investigate educational opportunities that would bridge the gap in your present background to your new field. Consider taking an evening course at a local college.

6. Look for ways to develop new skills in your current job which would pave the way for a change. If your company offers in-house training, enroll in them.

7. Consider alternative roles within your current industry with knowledge already gained. Move to another industry which needs similar skills but gives more job satisfaction.

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