Why Skilled People Are Leaving South Africa

Tuesday, 19. June 2012

Let’s start the discussion over the topic as why skilled people are leaving South Africa by understanding the underlying fact that nobody is willing to leave his/her country, state or even district. This is the economic need that compels them to do that. Let’s take a small example.  What will happen, if there are five engineering colleges in your area but only one or two organizations that can employ those passed out engineering graduates? The simple answer is that there will be brain drain. Obviously the students will go to outside states and countries in search of employment opportunities.

For a country to develop, a balance between the social, economic and political conditions is very much necessary. If a person will be able to get a job in his/her own province, why would s/he leave his home? Each and every person has a professional life and a personal life too. The personal life includes various beloved ones like the family members and friends. And, practically speaking, if you take a poll; you will find that ninety percent of the workforce will say that they would return home if they get the optimum opportunity there, so that they can lead both their personal and professional life happily.

By now, we have become clear that lack of opportunities is the reason why skilled people are leaving South Africa and the best solution to mend the problem is the creation of more and more opportunities. The task is not as easy as it seems and this requires the fair collaboration of the political parties, the social reformation groups and the nongovernmental organizations.

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