Career Test Assesment Guide

Tuesday, 29. December 2009

Career assessments:

Career assessments are tests that are designed to help candidates as well as career counselors and university career service centers to understand how a variety of personal attributes such as values, preferences, aptitudes and skills, impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and help individuals make more informed career decisions.

Types of Career Assessments:

Career assessments comprise many forms. The selected assessments vary depending on the faith of the assessors in the criteria for such tests to really address the specific needs of the individual seeking a career. Some common points of variance are:-

  • Methodology – Some assessments are quantitative in nature and accurately measure key attributes perceived to affect an individual’s potential success in a career. Some others are qualitative tests designed to help individuals clarify their goals and preferences that enable aspirants to make better informed career decisions.
  • Measured attributes – Assessments vary with regard to the specific trait or attributes measured. Some assessments concentrate on an individual’s interests and aptitude, while others focus on skills or values.
  • Scientific validity – Many assessments seem to lack scientific validity of certainty to assess the selected traits/aptitudes of the candidates. Evidence of validity comes in the form of studies published in peer-reviewed professional journals. If these are not available, the assessment is not valid and should be avoided.
  • General Customer Profile – Some assessments are designed to serve a broad range of individuals choosing a vocational program or starting their career or considering a career change).

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