How to build better career during Recession

Tuesday, 27. October 2009

Think of the recession blues and the story of Pied Piper of Hamelin comes to my mind, who played the flute and made the rats move on his tune and finally all of them drowned…. on similar lines is the economic crises played the flute of stunted growth with the Recession factor and there, the whole world was swept up in the river of unemployment and layoffs.

Now, the question is not, why did it happen?? We will land up with so many unfruitful answers which at the end would leave us completely annoyed and frustrated. Rather the question more important to all of us right now is – How to cope up with the R factor pugnaciously?

Few steps followed strategically would certainly make things a little easier:

Fresher: If you are a fresher, trust me you will have to face a tough competition from the co-fresher contenders as well as from the experienced contenders who have been laid off by the company’s.

Some tips: Analyze, how different can you set yourself from the crowd.

What is your uncommon forte that will fetch you a decent job at this point of time?

No job is small or big. Don’t sit idle waiting for the job opportunities to come and knock at the door rather start with a job which would fetch you some knowledge and a pragmatic approach. Every experience counts.

Experienced but unemployed or may fall in this category soon: If you are one among those people who are or would be a part of the “lay-off”. First things first – Update your Resume.

Next important thing would be, set yourself apart from others in terms of enormous knowledge and skill set in your field.

Analyze and show how you can be a valuable asset to the company which would recruit you.

This is the time to be proficient in multitasking. a sure shot way to be absorbed by the recruiters or be retained by the current employer.

Choice is yours – either wait until it is too late or wake up and prove your worth.

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