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Tuesday, 29. December 2009


A career is an Activity pursued as a livelihood; a chosen profession or occupation.          But, earning money cannot be a sole career ambition in life. People must choose careers due to liking, aptitudes and inclination.

A Career Calls!

Some times, you will recollect, that when you were a child you wanted to become a Railway Engine Driver or a Traffic Policeman or a Soldier. That was a Career which was ‘Calling’ you at that point of time. Of course, all of us have not become engine drivers or policemen but some of us have chosen these careers by natural aptitude and inclination. Listen to your heart rather than the jingle of money for a happy career in life.

Professions & Vocations:

  • Government Jobs: On the top of the list are careers in the All India Civil Services of IAS, IPS, IFS, IR&AS conferring great prestige and power.
  • Business & Industry: Jobs as Managers and experts in private companies in the fields of HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales.
  • Engineering & Medicine: Professional careers as Engineers and Doctors.
  • Information Technology: Jobs in Software, Computer Applications, Tele-communications, Aerospace etc.
  • Banking & Commerce: Jobs as Portfolio Managers, Accountants, Auditors, Credit analysts etc.
  • Indian Armed Forces: Serving the nation’s defence needs as soldiers, airmen and sailors.


One has to opt for a career depending upon one’s aptitude and inclination. Different careers require different educational qualifications and have different entrance exams. So, one has to choose a career in advance and plan for it.

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  1. Umashankar Says:

    Hi Sir/madam,

    My name is Umashankar. This is very interesting to know about telecommunications and you done a good job on providing information. I have completed my B.Tech on electronics and communications. right now i’m planning to do masters in telecommunications. That to in London But, some are telling me that after B.Tech MBA is good. so, By all these i got some confusion which do i need to do. is that good idea doing PG in abroad?. can u please help me on this issue.

    Thanking you sir,

  2. Shashank Karambelkar Says:

    I am student of last year chemical engineering in Mumbai University. I want to know what the specializations exams are there for me are. Please inform.

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