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The most important stage in the life of an individual is when one has to choose a career. The choice of career is both tricky and challenging. Tricky in the sense, one has so many careers to choose from – the wide range of careers makes you confused and even worried.

How to make a career choice?

So it is very important to make an informed and wise career choice. Many youngsters make a career choice on wrong or ill conceived notions. Some decide to take up a career as an aunt or an uncle or a cousin has made it to the top in his or her career. To succeed in any career one need to have a liking and an aptitude. If one likes a particular field, then a passion to exceed in that field is sure to follow.

Make the right choice

Most often youngsters make career choices on peer pressure or from pressure from parents. It has been seen that parents often try to force their children to do something that they themselves may have missed out. In a way parents sometimes want to live their dreams through their children.

It may not entirely be wrong but it is very important to see if the child has an aptitude and interest in the field that the parents are now trying to force them to choose. Some youngsters also make the mistake of enrolling for a course just because their best friend has enrolled for one. It is not right to choose a career just so that one can spend more time with their friends. Please understand that it is your life and your future that is at stake. A wrong choice of career can ruin your life.

Sometimes a wrong career choice is made based on impulse and herd mentality. For example computers and IT may be hot today and everyone wants to become a computer or IT professional. After some time, it could be Pharma or Biotechnology or some other discipline that is hot and the ‘in’ thing. What is ‘hot’ today may not be so after you graduate. So it is very important that you make an informed choice and look at long term prospects and your own aptitude and interest in a particular field before making the final decision.

So if you are not good at math it makes no sense to pursue a course that requires you to excel in maths – like engineering, statistics etc. Make a career choice after making a lot of research and enquiries. It is also wise to consult seniors in the career – the career that you are interested in and clarify all doubts before making the final decision.

Select the right college

Once you have made the career choice, the next important thing is the selection of the college or the university. Of course to get a seat in a good college or university, you need to have good scores.

Fortunately you now have the option of doing your own research as there are many websites that offer valuable information about careers. The websites will help you to a large extent in enabling you to zero in on the exact information that you are looking for and help make an informed career choice.

So, when you are at the crossroads and unable to decide on the right career for you, it is strongly advised in your own interest that you do not take a hasty decision. Or else you may have to regret for it for the rest of your life.

Choose a career that you just love and then your work will not look like work at all and it will be more like a favorite hobby or a game. It is only then that you will not only enjoy your job but also excel in it and reach the top.

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    I’m in class 12th nd want to do electrical engineering please snd me fee structure as well as percentage required to appear in entrance exam on my email.

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    Very informative piece of information on career choices.

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    I am doing my UG first year in EEE at Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai,Tamilnadu. My aim is to become aeronautical engineer. My parents forced me to take EEE. Is it possible for me to do my PG in aeronautics? Please advice

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    IIT is a place of excellence

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    i want to know courses in IIT

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    want to do something different other than eng. or medical, but do not no more about other fields.

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